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2016-02-26 19:33:33 - lượt xem: 1221

Nguyen Hien high school








Liberty University







Dear students,

A group of 8 students, 1 parent and 1 teacher from our school have spent 2 weeks in the USA. We participated in the extended “College for a Weekend 2016” program, organized by SN Education Service and sponsored by Liberty University, from Feb 2 to Feb 15, 2016.

We have experienced higher education academic environment and American culture by spending a few days on campus, joining audit classes and different students’ activities, eating in the dining hall, touring the facilities, meeting with the faculty and attending Admission sessions. Throughout the program, we also had the chance to visit the popular cities and landmarks such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

The program has proved to be very educational and beneficial to the Vietnamese students and it is a valuable opportunity for us to learn and better understand about the American education system, and help us make informed decisions about our future study plans.

The program allowed us to have informative and unforgettable experiences at Liberty University and boarding high school education in New England area.

We are looking forward to the next program organized in June, 2016.

Joining us!


Teacher: Lai Thi Phuong Dung





Quincy Market in Boston



Harvard University






Harvard University







Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) University


Washington statute in New York




National Museum in New York




Independence Hall in Philadelphia



White House in Washington DC


Vietnam War Veteran Memorial in Washington DC


In Mariana polis Preparatory School (MPS), Connecticut


Joining the drama audition, MPS


Joining the yoga class, MPS


Playing soccer, MPS


In the anatomy class, Liberty University (LU)


                                    In the aeronautic class, LU



Trying skateboard, and tubing in the mountain, LU